Collaboration with international organizations
The Society has been working with various international organizations which include besides WHO, the World Bank, DIFD and Cordaid.
Association with Cordaid

Cordaid is a social organization, based in The Netherlands, with expertise in the area of development cooperation and humanitarian aid. It takes its inspiration from the Gospel and the Catholic social teaching based thereon. 

Cordaid had been supporting the Delhi Society for Promotion of Rational Use of Drugs (DSPRUD) for promoting rational use of drugs in the states of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh (U.P.) The Programme in association with Cordaid began in 2003. The scope of activities in 2004 - 2006 covered the following:

- Develop Essential Drug List
- Capacity Building in rational use of drugs for doctors
- Survey of Availability of Essential Drugs
- Advocacy on Rational Use of Drugs
- Development of Standard Treatment Guidelines
- Monitoring Use of Standard Treatment Guidelines
In 2007, Cordaid extended its financial support for further activities to promote rational 
use of drugs in the two states Bihar and U.P. The scope of project comprised the 

Further continuation of the training programmes on rational use of drugs in four districts (Lucknow, Faizabad, Chitrakoot and Gorakhpur) in U.P. and four districts (Patna, Gaya, Muzaffarpur and Darbhanga) in Bihar.


Under the Advocacy programme, a large number of patients and members of the public were sensitized on proper use of medicines through 

- Mass meetings
- Exhibitions
- Magic Shows
- Folk Theatres
    - Film and Scripts  
How can the health budget be optimally applied?

Although, a good percentage of the health budget state-wise is allocated for providing drugs, there are shortages at public health facilities. Rational use of drugs is the solution to optimize budget.
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