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Professional Trained

Workshop Organized

DSPRUD has partnered with visionaries, leaders, and front-line practitioners to build capacity and Human Resource Development in the healthcare delivery to build skills that improve medication safety, rational use of medicines emphasizing antibiotic use and quality of care since there is inadequate emphasis on providing training on these aspects in the undergraduate curriculum. The DSPRUD has been organizing targeted CMEs for healthcare workers for doctors, nurses and pharmacists.
To guide you in identifying and treating common disorders, Delhi Society for Promotion of Rational Use of Drugs (DSPRUD) and Wolters Kluwer Health has published the 5th edition of Standard Treatment Guidelines. This clinically oriented text covers around 330 priority diseases in 11 specialties focusing on clinical manifestations, patient management and patient education. This edition provides up-to-date clinically oriented guidance for management of ~330 priority diseases in 11 specialties, focusing on clinical manifestations, signs and symptoms, diagnostic investigations, and step-wise management at different levels of healthcare and patient education for busy practitioners as well as interns and residents to make an informed, effective patient management decision for different levels of health care.

These guidelines have been developed by participatory approach with contribution of a large number of subject experts. This book has been widely accepted and adopted by several Indian States, namely - Rajasthan, Gujarat, Haryana, Uttarakhand, and Delhi. Adoption of the book by several Indian States reflects on the quality of the product. The book so far has undergone external review by ~150 experts.

DSPRUD has established themselves as an innovator, convener, trustworthy partner and drier of results. We are the first place to turn for expertise for improvement in healthcare. We have been providing consultancy in the following areas to various Indian State Governments.

  • Development of Drug Policy;

  • Preparation of Essential Medicines List (EML);

  • Development of Standard Treatment Guidelines (STGs);

  • Preparation of Essential Drugs Formulary;

  • State wide drug utilization studies and prescription audit;

  • Monitoring and evaluation of medicines management;

  • Streamlining procurement of medicines

  • Quantification of drug needs (forecasting of drug needs) and stock management;

Types of Training Programmes / Courses

DSPRUD is where brilliant minds in healthcare come together to find meaningful tools and gain achievable strategies. DSPRUD has trained more than 8000 health professionals including doctors, pharmacists and nurses.

We the change agents are aiming to solve global health challenges learning through a number of styles including:

  • Pearls for Practice Series - Tuberculosis, Antimicrobial Use, Medication Safety

  • Learning Labs - Half-day sessions on a single topic that offers full engagement, discussion and ample time for Q&A on Saturdays - Learn More - School health awareness session

  • Quick Courses - a one-day workshop where DSPRUD faculty teach foundational rational use of medicines and quality improvement practices allowing participants to take home tools, implement and gain & sustain success

  • Workshops - these are 2-3 days learning sessions that take place

  • Certificate Courses - this is a 5-day programme to provide in-depth understanding on a particular subject

  • Keynotes / Speakers - these hour-long presentations feature visionary leaders presenting in a didactic style about lessons learned in healthcare and beyond

  • Public lectures- dementia, antimicrobial use

For Doctors

  • Quality in health care and patient safety

  • Medication errors and safety

  • Antibiotic stewardship programme

  • Antimicrobial consumption methodology - DDD & PPS

  • Clinical Audit

  • Prescription audit and analysis

  • Managerial strategies for promoting quality and patient safety

  • Monitoring and evaluation

  • NQAS standards

For Pharmacists

  • Good Procurement practices

  • Quality assurance of medicines and supplies

  • Good dispensing practices - focusing on dispensing errors

  • Good store management practices

  • Inventory management

  • Quantification of drug needs for procurement

For Nurses

  • Safe nursing practices and patient safety

  • Safe Medication practices

  • Infection prevention and control

  • Critical care nursing

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