Developing Drug Policy
20 years of improving availability/accessibility of Essential Medicines, Patient Safety and Quality in Healthcare

  • Developing and implementing State Drug Policy

  • Developing and implementing EML, Formulary, STGs, SOPs

  • Strengthening Drug Procurement, Stock Management and Supply chain

  • Quantification (forecasting) of drug needs

  • Drug Use Studies through Prescription Audit

  • Patient safety in the spotlight. We focus on innovations that create a system of safety across entire organizations

Patient Safety in the spotlight

Our goal: Work with countries, states, organizations, and healthcare professionals to build safety into every system of healthcare, with special focus on medications management and handling and ensuring that patients receive the safe and most reliable care across the continuum.

We work with partners to understand safety at a system level, to identify and predict risk, and to act accordingly. We help organizations move from silos of safety to build reliable systems of safety especially in an resource limited setting.
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